Wedding Season Style

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to…talk about wedding style! If you’ve been following my blog or insta (@love.lilla), you’ll know I go to and am in a lot of weddings…for example, I’ve had 8 weddings a year for … Continue reading Wedding Season Style

Travel Must Haves

  Travel Must Haves by lovelilla I am a self proclaimed pro-traveler since my job requires quite a bit of travel. To shed some light, I did 48 trips with Southwest alone last year (still didn’t get the companion pass boo!) and this doesn’t count my other airline flights haha Also personally I’m a huge fan of exploring, traveling and taking vacations so I’ve gotten my carry on bag down to a science. My go to carry on bag is the Jujube Be Prepared. I will wrote a separate post on this bag so please keep an eye out for it but the top highlights for this bag … Continue reading Travel Must Haves