Wedding Season Style

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to…talk about wedding style! If you’ve been following my blog or insta (@love.lilla), you’ll know I go to and am in a lot of weddings…for example, I’ve had 8 weddings a year for the last 5 years…I like to call myself the wedding guru 😛 

For 2017, things are slowing down because I only have 3 weddings…and I’m in 2 of them…all in May haha so for the one wedding I’m not in, I was excited to actually choose my own dress (bmaid dresses are hits or misses and I’ve been lucky to never have had an ugly bridesmaid dress but it’s still nice to choose my own look :P) and I went with the Tobi’s Wanderlust Wine Lace Maxi Dress. This stunner caught my eye first with the gorgeous color and then with the lace detail. Also I can never go wrong with my trusty gold Stella and Dot chandelier earrings. I seriously wear them for every wedding 😛 And I’m very blessed by my generous aunt who lets me borrow her pretty bags so her Prada came out this time 🙂 seriously all the heart eyes for her collection! And shoutout to my Uncle Eric for marrying my lovely aunt ❤ And lastly is my leather jacket! I’ve only had it since my trip to Greece last fall, but it’s my go to for every occasion 🙂 I wish I remembered where I got it, but it was a street vendor so I just have to hope that I’ll find them again by chance *fingers crossed*

And as fun as getting ready for weddings is, my favorite part is the happy couple getting hitched and catching up with friends! xoxo

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