Hauser & Wirth

I’ve been living in LA for roughly a year and a half, but with my past job that required a lot of travel, I would say I’ve only REALLY been here about 8 or 9 months? Now that I have a “desk job” (which I love because I’ll be honest, being on planes all the time can take a toll on ya!) I am taking advantage of exploring the beautiful city of angels 🙂 

Last weekend, I checked out Hauser & Wirth in the Art District. I’ve seen some of the work on Instagram so of course I was intrigued because hello gotta go for the gram 🙂 also bonus: it’s free admission! We wandered in (woohoo no line!) and entered the “mind” of Jason Rhoades. The glowing words and seemingly randomly hung pieces definitely catches the eye. Fun fact: I was an art major in college so I know that most art isn’t “as it seems” so upon further investigation, we realized the glowing words were different slang words for female genitalia…not exactly what I expected but still interesting to wander around. 

As we continued through the space, I realized a lot of Rhoades art is seemingly random (like seriously mini donuts and paper baskets!) but when you look deeper, you can see “inside his mind”. Again this might be from the years of art classes I was in, but I did learn to look a little deeper even if it might not be my favorite type of art. So check it out! And be sure to go to the outside garden. They have live chickens 🙂 

After the museum, I highly recommend walking a block over and getting Salt & Straw ice cream! The art district is one of my favorite gems in LA because you never know what’s around the corner. And I love the graffiti art on the walls. Most (if not all) are insta worthy 😛 

So go! Wander & explore xo 

Ps I highly recommend my new Tobi Dahlia blouse for an LA summer day because even though it’s black (my fav color to wear!) it’s lightweight and so chic 🙂 

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