Tea time! 

I must be crazy. I decided to give up coffee for lent this year and if you know me, I run on coffee…
But I like to challenge myself (or create suffering :P) so here we go! Since I couldn’t drink coffee I have turned to tea. Now I love high tea so I am a tea drinker but I rarely drink it if I’m not eating scones and little sandwiches 🙂 however I didn’t want to fall asleep at work so I decided to try out various teas to figure out what would help me. 

Tetley Glow: this company caught my attention when I saw that it helps hair and skin. Now I’m a girly girl and all about making my hair thicker, stronger and shinier and I’m all about skincare hence my slight obsession with facemask (another post will be up about my favs!) so I was all in. First I was pleased to see that each tea pack is individually packaged because I love the idea of loose leaf being “fresh” and “more natural” but I hate when the dang leaves escape the tea infuser. I also hate when I accidentally swallow leaves because let’s be real, I don’t want to eat a plant 😛 anyways I digress, back to my review. The flavors make you feel like you’re in a tropical paradise. Peach and pineapple flavors are strong and tart so it’s a nice “wake up”. I can’t say if it’s made my hair or skin better because to be honest I didn’t take everyday selfies (shocker I know since I love my insta & snapchat :P) but the tea makes me smile and I’m good with that! Ps this is an herbal tea so caffeine isn’t a player here so I recommend this for a rainy day over chugging this to pull an all nighter. 

Zarbees: my mom pushed this tea upon me because I kept complaining about a sore throat (damm LA allergies!…or I talk too much :P). I hate to admit, mother knows best and this magic tea was a miracle worker. It’s not my favorite taste wise because I always expect it to be more bitter..but it leans towards more tangy. But seriously I drink it in the morning and my voice is good to go. They have a nighttime version too that helps me sleep like a baby and wake up refreshed. You can find it at Target so run to your nearest store 🙂 
Starbucks: I always feel like paying for tea is silly since I’m basically paying for colored water…but since a lot of social engagements happen at Starbucks, I had to find something to order! So mango black tea lemonade and peach green tea lemonade became my go tos. Both are sweet and perk me up when I’m hitting a work slump. However, I tend to get the venti so sometimes I wonder if I’m perked up because I need to pee moreso than the caffeine 😛 

Anyways I have two more weeks to go before I can have my beloved coffee again but honestly I think it’s good to take a little breather from my grande skinny vanilla latte with soy & extra shot (yes, it’s a mouthful but it’s kinda my thing haha) every now and then. These teas will definitely be in my rotation moving forward xo 

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