We’re Pregnant!

I realize after posting my latest blog about my friend’s bachelorette, I mentioned being pregnant, but never officially wrote my pregnancy blog post and all the emotions and feelings that went into it and are still going through so here … Continue reading We’re Pregnant!

Life after Miscarriage

I always said my blog would be about things that made me happy like high tea and places I’ve traveled, but overtime it became random musings like about diaper bags and thoughts I have on the airplane with MOST of them being in the tone of joy. However since pandemic, my blogs have been a little more…somber? And maybe that comes with getting older and more life coming at me so just want to say thank you for continually supporting me as we do this life thing – good and bad. When the miscarriage happened and even the few months … Continue reading Life after Miscarriage

My Miscarriage Story

In real life, I’ve always been very open book about my life with the ups and downs, but generally tend to post the “pretty things” on social. This time, I’m going to try and help alleviate the taboo conversation of miscarriage because to be honest it sucks, it’s a club no one wants to be a part of. And it sucks even more when you feel isolated and alone. So here’s my pregnancy and miscarriage story from the beginning – my ultimate dream in life is to be a mom. I can’t really say when it started, but growing up, … Continue reading My Miscarriage Story