Le Cuisine Paris

So I went to Paris a few weeks ago and it was amazing as per usual (third time there! Yes I know I’m very lucky) and I’ll do a full blog post on the recommended eats & where to take great pics, but today’s post is about a croissant baking class…yes,you read that right. I, Priscilla, possibly the most “kitchen newbie” there is, shelled out 99 euros and 3 hours of time to learn the art of the puff pastry…and IT WAS SO WORTH IT! 🙂 okay lets back up first to how I found this class. A few/many years … Continue reading Le Cuisine Paris

Museum of Ice Cream

LA seriously is an art hub and that means random art exhibits pop up all the time. And I fully admit, I find out about these art exhibits from my favorite social media outlet: Instagram 😛 I’ve been in the marketing/social media bubble long enough to know that brilliant marketing is to have influencers (i.e. cute instagrammers) come visit the exhibits and post about it so civilians (like me) will see it and want to go. This is how I found the Ice Cream Museum! I started seeing all these cute insta pics of a sprinkle pool and giant gummy … Continue reading Museum of Ice Cream