Angie’s Bachelorette

This past weekend was my friend’s bachelorette and it was a weekend of relaxation – we had a soundbath, yoga and pool time with lots of yummy eats!

Our Airbnb was magical!

We started the weekend with massages in house – strongly recommend and they come to you! They also offer facials, but I got my first prenatal massage and Genie was a miracle worker. I’m midway through my pregnancy and my lower back has been hurting with the new weight gain and just organs shifting around. We had 3 masseuses and 1 facialists as we had 8 girls getting massages and 2 girls getting facials. It was relatively smooth, but note that the price changes if the services are 5pm and later so I recommend having them earlier.

Then we did brunch at Trio – fun fact, my own bachelorette we also had brunch at Trio and I didn’t realize it until we sat down. To be honest, this time around the food wasn’t amazing – we all found it to be a bite bland, but it’s a cute vibe for photos.

Then we did pool time which was my favorite because the weather was perfect! Next was a sound bath + yoga – they came to the home and we did it outside. Yoga was good – stretching is a must when pregnant! The sound bath I think I meditated too deeply because next thing I knew I was waking up from a nap 😅

Then we went out to Boozehound for dinner – it seems like a popular spot for bachelorettes as there were 4 other brides there. It’s a prefix menu of either $65/person or $90/person and they only do bookings via email which to be honest isn’t the most efficient because it took forever to get a confirmation from them. The prefix is family style appetizers and dessert and we choose our individual entrees from a set menu. The appetizers were salad, brussel sprouts and shrimp ceviche. This was honestly our favorite part of the meal as the dinner entrees ranged from bland (looking at you chicken adobe) to decent (ramen pork belly), but nothing was a stand out. And lastly dessert was flourless chocolate cake (not a winner), deconstructed cheesecake (my favorite) and passion fruit congee (second favorite).

Overall, it was a lovely weekend of catching up with old friends and making new friends! We can’t wait for the big day xo

I didn’t realize we were suppose to wear shoes for the pic 🫠
Bride to Be!

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