Boston 2022

In July, we got to visit Boston where my brother and sister in law moved to. I was excited to see their new life and visit as a tourist (I used to go once a year to work a baby show from 2015-2017), but was not excited for the humidity and heat of an east coast summer.

When we got there, the first stop was Kelly’s for their lobster roll! I love seafood and Kelly’s is a staple of Boston. It’s been a while since I’ve been so prices seemed to have jumped a lot, but I also understand everything has gone up due to inflation. The combo is the best deal for a pastrami sandwich and lobster roll so I highly recommend it!

Next was an gelato stop to cool down on the hot day. I will say the humidity wasn’t as terrible as I thought. Did I still need to shower twice a day to manage, yes, but could I go for a jog workout feeling like I was going to die, also yes!

Next we did the Freedom Trail (or part of it) with my brother and sister in law as our Tour Guides with a few stops to eat!

Next we decided to make our own lobster rolls which honesty wasn’t that hard and a lot of fun! The trick is to use a lot of butter 🙂

The husband and I made a detour to Aeronaut Brewery just to check out the scene and have a little date night during this family vacation. Pro tip to do this because making a little time for yourselves is needed no matter which side of the family you’re visiting.

We ended the trip with a meal of oysters at Viale, a walk through graffiti row, dim sum and ice cream sandwiches. Our stomachs were full and our hearts even fuller xo


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