My NorCal Baby Shower

My heart is always been split because I have family and friends in different parts of the USA, but especially in California since I’m a Bay Area native and reside in SoCal now. So to celebrate our baby boy, we had to do two baby showers in the Bay and in LA! So first up was our NorCal baby shower! My parents home was the “venue” and the theme was Noah’s Ark with a rainbow to signify our rainbow baby ❤

My mom is a teacher and she had animal crowns of animals two by two ready to go so we had those lining the stairs and around the home. Then Amazon was my best friend and we got a Noah’s Ark banner for the photobooth, Noah’s Ark decor for the food and and cups, plates and napkins. What I thought was quite clever was the snacks: bear claws, butterfly cookies, pigs in a blanket, clam cookies, and other random foods, but I tried really hard to keep to the animal theme. And we got a beautiful cake and cupcakes from a local bakery, Doodlecakes Bakery, who is so kind and has become our “family bakery” for special occasions 🙂

We had two games and overall just mingled and caught up. I’ll be honest, events are always hard even when intimate because I want to talk to everyone, but never enough time! I’m definitely a 1 on 1 date person if possible, but I’m just so glad that I could see so many loved ones in this quick NorCal trip. Next time I’m back, I’ll have our little one with us and I am so thankful for the village we have in the Bay who will love on him and watch over him xo


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