Travel Must Haves

Travel Must Haves


I am a self proclaimed pro-traveler since my job requires quite a bit of travel. To shed some light, I did 48 trips with Southwest alone last year (still didn’t get the companion pass boo!) and this doesn’t count my other airline flights haha Also personally I’m a huge fan of exploring, traveling and taking vacations so I’ve gotten my carry on bag down to a science.
My go to carry on bag is the Jujube Be Prepared. I will wrote a separate post on this bag so please keep an eye out for it but the top highlights for this bag is that it’s machine washable, comes in cute prints and has a dozen pockets.
Now since I’m on the road a lot, I rely on technology to keep me in touch with my friends and family but I don’t love holding my phone in my hand at all times so this leads to the Garmin VivoSmart. I love this item because not only is it a sleep and fitness tracker, it also shows texts messages, social media notifications and phone calls. With a quick glance I can see if I need to pull my phone out or if I can check on it later.
Speaking of my phone, I’m on it a lot so the battery runs out constantly. I was turned to the Anker Portable Charger which is like carrying around a second phone, but it holds up to 4-5 full charges. This is a lifesaver for me and worth the weight.
Sony headphones were bought on a whim when I forgot my headphones for a flight. The parts that go over your ears actually spins so you can pack the headphones flat in your bag which is a space saver.
The last items on my list are my sketchbook & pens because I tend to get big ideas while on the plane and I like somewhere to doodle and write. And my Rifle Paper Co. planner keeps all my hotel, flight, car rental etc plans in one pretty place.
I would love to know what you consider your “go-tos” for your travels! I’m always looking for new ideas.


3 thoughts on “Travel Must Haves

  1. I have the Anker E3 but found it to be too heavy, so I LOVE my Anker Lipstick charger. I feel like I can get at least 2 full charges out of it. (Definitely enough to get to the next outlet.) I prefer to have a backpack (love my Timbuk2 Parkside) as my small carry on so that I can have one hand for my rolly bag and one hand to hold a coffee. 🙂


    1. in theory I would love a smaller charger but when I’m on the road, I rather have more charges available to me than not haha and backpacks are the newest thing since being handsfree is best, but I get paranoid about people opening my backpack and I can’t see hah


  2. If it’s an international flight, my must-haves are: my compression socks (because I’m old at heart), a good book, ditto-ing you on the journal, and my phone and headphones for some good podcasts!

    Also, my portable phone charger. We have the Mophie!


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