TwelveLittle Courage Backpack


So first, here is another amazing Twelve Little bag…the Courage Backpack!

The grey Courage Backpack is my go to backpack for hiking. It is lightweight, water resistant and such a sleek looking bag! And best of all is that it can easily carry 2-4 water bottles (2 on the outside and 2 more inside).

I like this bag because it is unisex and versatile as a work bag and outdoor bag. Any gender can comfortably wear this (my brother “borrows” it from me from time to time and my daddy friend uses it as his work bag daily) and it fits everything I need.

For hiking, I pack the following in the Courage backpack:

  • selfie stick (I have no shame when it comes to picture taking!)
  • 1-3 waterbottles
  • a light jacket
  • a few snack bars
  • Anker phone charger
  • sketchbook

For work, I pack the following:

  •  my 13 inch laptop
  • a waterbottle
  • scarf
  • light jacket or cardigan
  • Anker phone charger
  • day planner
  • sketchbook

And in both scenarios, I still have plenty of space and still look chic!


Anyways onwards to what everyone has been waiting for…the giveaway winner for the Twelve Little Allure Backpack is @minaibeeko! Congrats & please email me your shipping address at hellolovelilla[at]gmail[dot]com.

To everyone else, thanks for playing and hopefully we’ll do a few more giveaways soon xo

3 thoughts on “TwelveLittle Courage Backpack

  1. Oh man! This one looks cool and very useful too!! I am so excited to read your reviews but a little scared for my wallet haha!


    1. Haha have no fear, I will always say if something isn’t worth the money. But the way I shop is I think $/use. For example, this bag is roughly $200 so if I use it at least 50 times, it’s $4/use…that is doable cuz I hope to hike at least 50 times 🙂


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