Twelve Little “Carry Love” Tote (& Tahoe for non snow sport folks)

IMG_9528This past weekend, I went to Tahoe for a quick weekend trip with some friends! Now let me preface by saying, I do not enjoy outdoor sports (aside from hiking). Now before you go “you’re crazy lady! who doesn’t love sunshine and a nice breeze”, let me say that I am always down to try something at least once, but so far, outdoor sports like skateboarding, surfing, skiing, etc just haven’t been too kind to me. I think balance/coordination is more the issue than the actual outdoors, but that’s a different story haha

So since during the day, my friends would be skiing and snowboarding, I decided to wander and enjoy Tahoe as I saw fit: relaxing and enjoying the crisp air with a good book and coffee (caffeine makes everything better!).

I packed up the newest Twelve Little Carry Love tote with my must have things for any weekend trip:

  • headphones
  • books
  • sketchbooks
  • knitted scarf
  • iPad mini

I might have been overzealous because I packed three books for a three day trip, but I like to be prepared…and I get bored easily 🙂

I was surprised but how much the Carry Love tote could carry and it didn’t feel bulky at all. It is made with soft and quilted nylon that is water resistant (perfect for a place covered in snow!). Also Tahoe’s high elevation leads to dehydration so I was rocking water bottles in both side pockets. The leopard print is noticeable but neutral enough to match any outfit. Also I love the option to have the bag as a tote or as a shoulder bag. ALL bags need this option because you never know what is going on during the day and if you need to be hands free or not.

Also I am pleased to say during my stay, I was stopped by two people asking where my bag was from. When I said it was a diaper bag, they were surprised. See folks, diaper bags aren’t made JUST for people with kids. I’m definitely living proof 😛

This tote is priced at $145 and honestly, it’s worth the cash. When I shop, I think of dollar per wear. Since this bag is $145, will I use it at least 15 times? Yeah, most likely since I travel so much…and that brings us to roughly $9.60 per use. I can live with that especially since it looks so chic 🙂

Also my lovely readers who don’t love snow sports, Tahoe is a great place to enjoy the scenery and get hot coffee or cocoa. I really enjoyed hanging out at the Heavenly Village where there was live music playing and great people watching happening! You should also check out the lake by Heavenly. My friend, Grace, took a day off from sliding down a mountain to explore with me and the sight was amazing!

IMG_9520If you do plan to wander on icy snow slush,  I recommend wearing shoes with traction because I ended up sliding onto broken ice and basically was in mud/quicksand up to my knees haha at least it’s a good story haha

See Tahoe can be fun even if you don’t ski or snowboard 😛

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