Cycle for Survival

This past weekend, a few of my coworkers and I went to West LA Equinox to partake in Cycle for Survival! A little background is that Cycle for Survival is a national movement that raises money for research/a cure for rare cancers. This was my first year joining the team, but my company has done this charity long before I came along so I was excited to join for the coworker bonding AND I LOVE SPINNING (keep an eye out for my upcoming post about my Soul Cycle obsession 😊).

So the plan was we had four bikes for four hours with a team of 15. We all had roughly an hour on the bike (one brave soul did two hours 💪🏻). When I arrived, I did not expect to feel like I was at a club haha the music was thumping and everyone was cheering and jumping. Also there were messages from survivors, messages from loved ones who lost someone and more messages of real life and inspiration. It was an amazing environment to be in and the sense of community was breathtaking (from both the stories as well as the cycling pace). The instructors were fantastic too! They had great energy as they kept the focus on the ride and on the strength that we as a community have together to do good. I admit I was sweating a storm trying to keep pace with the Equinox instructors (FYI, you can ride at your own pace too but I was too amped by the music to slow down!). 

  The whole event was over before I knew it and I cannot wait to do it again! I’m also proud to say we raised $6k amongst us Ergonauts 🙌🏻 

Cycle for Survival does these great fundraising rides all over the US so I strongly recommend checking out their site for a ride near you. Go be a part of your community and do good xo


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