Louis Vuitton Exhibit

Louis Vuitton has always been the iconic bag of attainable class! I say attainable because in the luxury world, a bag for $1k is more realistic for my high school dreamer self than a Chanel coming in at a whopping $5k…even in my dreams, I’m realistic 😛

I’m happy to say, I do own a few authentic pieces and I cherish them so! I also just love purses in general 😉 so when my friend told me there was a LV special exhibition in Beverly Hills, I had to go! It is in LA for about 2 months and is closing its doors in the next few weeks.

We got to go and it was not what I expected haha it was much more museum than store. I actually enjoyed reading the history of the prices they showcased as well as seeing the different collaboration pieces LV has done.

My favorite room was the dresses! I forget that LV is also a designer brand and they make more than just purses. They had mannequins with dresses worn by Taylor Swift, Emma Stone and more! It was so cool to see the detail in person.

Overall, this place was fun for a LV lover like myself so check it out if you’re in LA xo

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