OC fair

This caps my third year at the OC fair and there just something about the junk food, overpriced games and dry heat that combined make me happy haha I think it’s just the magic of the fair!  
This time the fiancé and I focused on just the food! No games or rides this go around, but we ate more different things than any other time. We got Cheeto fries, bacon wrapped sausages, chocolate covered ice cream, fried Ice cream and more. I don’t usually have an appetite when it’s hot (and it was freaking hot!!) but curiosity always gets me with fair food 😏 
We also made sure to take time in the vendor area. They got me with the live demos and I walked out with sustainable Saran Wrap and sustainable hand warmers. I’m trying to be better and not use single use items as much…it’s hard, but trying to remember the bigger picture! Also ended up getting heat gel packs. The vendors at the fair love me because I tend to buy everything 😛 so we finished the day seeing some friends and photo booth. Till next summer xo

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