cut, color & curl

What is it about a haircut or color that revitalizes the soul? Like why is it when something dramatic happens (like a breakup or a new baby) that most women feel the need to change their hairstyle? 

Now naturally I’m born with straight black Asian hair but I always dreamed of curly hair to the point that I would ask my mom to braid my hair every night in second grade so the next day when the hair tie was released WAH LAH wavy hair…for 20 minutes haha yes my hair is “that Asian” it goes back to straight like immediately 😛 

Anyways I am writing this post because I got my hair done this weekend and I loved how I felt lighter physically since she did chop off a few inches and felt lighter emotionally. Perhaps since I went lighter in color? Overall I just feel happier after getting my hair done. I think taking the time to treat yourself is a good thing and necessary to keep the balance. And hair is a fun way to express oneself. I’ve had my fair share of fun hair colors (yes I love the unicorn magic look!) Also hair looks healthier if you get trims here and there for split ends 😛 Feel free to share fun haircut stories with me! Till next time ❤ 

Love, Lilla


feelin like a rockstar
unicorn magic hair

3 thoughts on “Hair

  1. The unicorn hair is so cool!!! Yeah, I have thick straight hair that doesn’t look thick, until you try to curl it and hairspray it and even then, it’s good for maybe an hour. 😦 I decided to embrace it and got a straightener, so at least it’s now sleek, thick straight hair. 😛 Someone needs to invent an Asian hair curling tool and name it Voilà!


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