NYC in 48 hours part 2

Day 2 was jam packed! First, we headed to Flatiron and grabbed breakfast sandwiches in Eataly. Then we headed to the World Trade Center Ground Zero. It was sombering to see all the names of lives lost. Interesting fact: roses are put on the name’s on their birthdays. Also the World Trade Center is very large with multiple entrances.

Next we got some exercise in and walked to the Brooklyn Bridge. Honestly that was a highlight for me just seeing the blue skies. After we wandered Chinatown and got a yummy dessert (honestly just got it to take a photo), then we got Momofuku ramen – fun fact: go at 4pm and they will serve you the lunch menu (same as dinner) and let you stay even though they close at 4:30-5:30. A line starts to form around 5pm and then real dinner time starts which is very busy so avoid it if you can.

Since we had an early dinner, we were able to hit up not just one, but two speakeasys. The boyfriend was very excited to go a few blocks to “Please Don’t Tell” which is a secret speakeasy hidden in a hot dog joint. I recommend going before they open at 6pm and ordering some tots to munch on as you wait right outside their entrance: a phone booth. “Please Don’t Tell” is pretty small, only able to have about 20 people in there so we lucked out to get the first seating. Supposedly you can make reservations, but everyone around us in line said they couldn’t get through on the phone and if you do it in person, you might as well just go since you’re there.

Next we hit up the Rockafeller and saw the iconic skate rink! I was about to call it a night, but the boyfriend wanted to find just one more speakeasy so we ventured to a closed coffee shop and to my surprise, their backwall that was decorated with coffee opened up as a secondary door – hello Patent Pending. This spot is based on Thomas Edison’s inventions. It host a larger crowd than the first place which honestly made it a little less special to me. I think the exclusivity is the appeal of these speakeasys, but the drinks were delicious and had fun names. After we finished our drinks, we headed home.

Then to our last day where we had a few hours before our Amtrak back to Baltimore so we just wandered Central Park. I had to end with a delicious lox bagel and got to explore the Alice and Wonderland portion of the park. It’s huge and after 2 hours we only made it maybe 1/4 of the grounds. It’s really relaxing and so worth spending a full day if possible!

Before we knew it, it was time to head back. By the way, all this was able to be accomplished due to NYC’s amazing train system! I’m usually always lost or confused about which metro or subway I need to take, but New York is straight forward! I will be back NYC xo

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