NYC in 48 hours part 1

The boyfriend and I decided to take a few days to go to New York since we were already going to be in Baltimore visiting my family. We took an easy 3 hour Amtrak (note: I recommend booking your seats online a few weeks in advance for the “value pricing” or you’ll be getting the same seats for $50-200 more!) into the Big Apple and started adventuring!

First on the list was a broadway show, Anastasia! I’m a huge musical buff and I remember the Disney movie fondly so I was very excited! We picked up our tickets at will call and went next door to Junior’s, a famous diner known for their cheesecake, for a quick bite. We got the Swiss steak burger and the Reuben combo with the “cake shake” for dessert. The Reuben was delicious!!! The burger was honestly not worth my calories 😝 but the cake shake exceeded all expectations! It was literally a strawberry milkshake with a slice of fresh cheesecake and strawberry topping. It is massive and so good! I highly recommend sharing this thought because it’s very filling!

e went to the Broadhurst theater which is small and much more intimate so we felt like we were part of the show. The singing and dancing was so good! Next we hit up Time Square and even though it was a Tuesday night, it was hopping with other tourists everywhere. NYC is really the city that never sleeps!

etting late, but we decided to walk to the Empire State Building and lo and behold, there was no line so we decided to get tickets to go all the way to the top. Tickets to the 80th and 86th floor (outdoor observation deck) are $37/person and to go to the tip top/the needle, it's another $20/person. We figured we had to go big! And even at night it was beautiful seeing all the city lights 🤩 it was also FREEZING because the wind was intense! After that adventure we headed home. Till the next post xo

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