Bridesmaid 101: Bridal Shower Games

I know, I’ve been slacking in the bridesmaids 101 series, but it’s because I’ve been busy being a bridesmaids (twice this year…both last month 0_0)! 
But I’m done with weddings for 2017 so now I can get refocused on the blog…or try to at least 😛 

Today’s topic is bridal shower games! Bridal showers generally have 3 main factors: food, gifts and games. This year, I was in charge of games and I was a little crazed trying to juggle both events so instead of adding more stress to my plate and trying to come up with new and innovative games, I went with two classics. 

1) toilet paper wedding dresses: now you either love or hate this game, but it’s an easy one since it doesn’t take a lot of props (really you just need toilet paper!) and it forces bonding amongst your guest! Basically split the guest into groups of 3-5 and give everyone 1-2 rolls of toilet paper. They now have 10-15 minutes to make a wedding dress and the bride chooses her favorite dress. Don’t forget to have a prize at the end because let’s be real, everyone loves prizes! It can be something small like a $5 Starbucks giftcard or a journal or soap. It’s always really funny to see how creative people can get and I recommend double ply paper because the thin paper rips easily and then the “dresses” can look a little…skanky 😛 

2) how well do you know the bride: so first, you need to know the bride to some extent 😛 I usually pick 10 or so questions about the bride and have everyone try and guess. Some example questions are:

– where was the bride born? 

– how did the bride and groom meet?

– what is the favorite physician attribute of the groom? And vice versa? 

The person who gets the most right wins a prize! It’s also sweet if you can plan ahead and have the future groom partake ahead of time. You can film him or just get his answers ahead of time. It’s always fun to see how well he knows his future wife 🙂 
Happy bridal shower my fellow bridesmaids! Even though you’re hosting, don’t forget to have some fun at the shower too xoxo

3 thoughts on “Bridesmaid 101: Bridal Shower Games

  1. haha love this! I remember making a wedding dress out of wrapping paper from the gifts, i remember my aunt was pleating the paper. It was a long time ago but I remember it, so it must have been a great memory! 🙂

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