Coachella 2017

Coachella…the ultimate #fomo on Instagram because when it’s Coachella weekend, it literally feels like the entire world is there so of course, that means I want to be there! Also I’ve always had a love of celebrities and Coachella seems to be a hotbed of them 😛 I finally decided to bite the bullet this year to go because:

1) I love music festivals – hello Lollapalooza 2013 and Outsidelands 2014! 

2) since moving to LA, I felt like I had to go since Coachella is “in my backyard”…okay it’s still a 2 hour drive, but a heck of a lot closer than when I lived in norcal 

3) my roommate said YOLO so yolo we go 😛 

We bought tickets late in the game so the only tickets available for weekend one were the “travel package” meaning we had to stay at one of the hotels Coachella had a contract with. So we ended up at the Hyatt in Palm Springs. The rooms were spacious (aka plenty of room for us to get ready!) and we were near a lot of shops and stores which was helpful for snack runs. Also part of our package included access to the Day Club at the hotel, but we were pretty tired during the day and couldn’t muster the energy to get down to the pool. But as we got ready, we could hear the dj spinning so we enjoyed the sets from the comfort of our room 🙂 also note: Palm Springs is roughly 30-40 minutes away from Indio and even though Coachella has shuttles available, it can be tiring shlepping that distance (ie waiting in line for the shuttle), so plan accordingly. 

Outfits: I fully admit I scrolled through actress Vanessa Hudgen’s insta because she’s the “Coachella queen” and as much as I love her boho look, it’s just not my style. So funny enough, I ended up just wearing stuff I had in my closet that was appropriate for hot weather. I am semi surprised how an old outfit can feel “new” when you forgot you had it. Perhaps I need to do a little summer cleaning haha Note: I chose to wear booties which is a little odd to wear boots in 90 degree weather but I rather have warm feet than get stepped on 🙂 

Food: I failed hugely in this category because there were soooo many different types of food, but I tried none of them because I usually don’t have an appetite when it’s hot and with temps in the 90s, I basically just bought water bottles 😛 keep in mind, almost everything is $10 (a slice of pizza, 6 mozzarella sticks…). Next time I’ll try and be a little more adventurous! 

Music: Lady Gaga was a replacement for Beyoncé and some folks were disappointed because everyone loves Queen Bey! But I gotta hand it to Gaga, she’s a queen in her own right! She was amazing on stage and she performed her new single which of course I bought on iTunes immediately 🙂 also Dillion Francis and Porter Robinson were guys I’d never heard of before Chella, but now I’m definitely a fan!!! 

So was Coachella everything I dreamed of? To be honest, surprisingly yes 🙂 it was seriously like “adult Disneyland” with a Ferris wheel, all types of food imaginable and music acts ranging all genres. My one wish was that I could clone myself because a few artist I wanted to see were performing their sets at the same time so unfortunately I couldn’t see everyone. I now get why some people go to both weekends…but I ain’t a baller so one weekend is plenty for me 🙂 Also when I said at the beginning of this post how Instagram always made me feel like everyone I knew was at Coachella..well it’s funny how true that is! I ended up running into my first elementary school friend AND a girl I went on a missions trip with in Taiwan 10 years ago…man is the world small…or more like Coachella “brings people together” 🙂 so yay for my first time and yay for hanging out wth old friends & making new ones! Till next year’s Coachella…oh you betcha I already got my 2018 ticket 😛 hope to see you there xoxo

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