Museum of Ice Cream

LA seriously is an art hub and that means random art exhibits pop up all the time. And I fully admit, I find out about these art exhibits from my favorite social media outlet: Instagram 😛 I’ve been in the marketing/social media bubble long enough to know that brilliant marketing is to have influencers (i.e. cute instagrammers) come visit the exhibits and post about it so civilians (like me) will see it and want to go. This is how I found the Ice Cream Museum! I started seeing all these cute insta pics of a sprinkle pool and giant gummy bears and I was immediately intrigued. Too bad tickets are sold out for forever…and this exhibit is suppose to be gone by summer (they keep extending the end date though due to popularity!) so I gave up hope of visiting. 

Imagine my surprise when I got a text from my friend, Jenn, (fun fact: Jenn and I met through a One Tree Hill fan forum…yes, that is a thing and yes, I have no shame in my OTH love :P) that she had an extra ticket for the ice cream museum for that day but we had to go in the next 40 minutes…now for those of you who know me personally, y’all know spontaneity is not my thing. I like to schedule things with a minimum of a one week notice (a month notice is preferred :P) but I felt like the stars had aligned so I had to say yes!! 
When I got there I was amazed at how pink everything was! People were lined up waiting to enter and they were dressed to the nines with full make up and cute outfits. Oh Instagram, how you have the power to get us dolled up 🙂 our turn came and when we entered we were given chocolates immediately (yes, welcome us with sugar!!) and then were sent on our way! Note: this is a one way walking museum meaning you go from room to room, but once you leave a room, you can’t go back in. This keeps the flow of people always moving. The museum isn’t that large and there is only a slight hold up because everyone is taking photos (myself included!!!). I loved having my Jord watch to help me keep track of time though so we could keep the flow going 🙂 

hand modeling with my cookie dough

We are given various treats to try throughout the museum. My favorite was the mint mochi! 

The most famous part of the museum is the sprinkle pool! Note that the sprinkle pool isn’t that large and you’re only given 2-3 minutes in there. I recommend knowing what “pose” you want to do for your photo ahead of time. Also move quickly if you want a floaty because there are only two. I’ll be real honest, the germaphobe in me had a hard time with this sprinkle pool because I don’t know who or what has been in there and how they heck do they clean a sprinkle pool…with sprinkle chlorine?! Haha but I did suck it up and dipped my toes in…had to do it for Instagram 🙂 

My favorite “exhibit” was the banana swings just because I like swings haha anyways I finished touring the museum in a little less than an hour. It definitely is a site to see if you can get tickets, but if you can’t, don’t fret because knowing LA, the next amazing insta exhibit will be here soon! xo 

One thought on “Museum of Ice Cream

  1. lol I like how they have a time limit for pics at each station … yes I totally think about the germs in the sprinkles but well worth it for the pic!

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