Insta Break

SoI took a little break from Instagram the last month or so because I realize it wasn’t bringing me joy and honestly it was creating anxiety for me as I was getting caught up in trying to “catch up” with everyone virtually that I was losing sight of actually doing so with people (and losing hours in a day just scrolling!)…or I was feeling fomo and just general “not joy” because why do I feel the need to see things I’m not part of 🤔 so I decided to just stop it – I hide my app into various folders … Continue reading Insta Break


I’ve taken a break from social media and that means I’ve taken a step back and have been trying to figure out why I post what I post or do what I do. And I realize my love for this blog has faded because it felt like my words always had to be cheerful or sweet (and in person) when honestly, life is dark and sometimes we have to talk about the real stuff. So in that vein… It’s been a surreal 24 hours in LA…heck for the world. Kobe Bryant is gone and it just doesn’t feel real. To … Continue reading Eulogies