Happy Birthday Blog! 

It’s crazy how it’s already been a year since I started this little blog! I admit I’ve had a hard time posting as often as I planned, but it’s been fun to share little anecdotes of my life 🙂 I do hope to be more consistent in the future, but life happens so I’m just going to keep going! 

To celebrate the birthday of my blog (and of another year of my life!) I’ve teamed up with some of my friends for a giveaway! Here’s how you play: 

1) follow all five Instagram accounts + mine

@lularoesarahburns (Carlie dress) 

@thesilverloft ($50 store credit) 

@stitchingisland (otter friends)

@twelvelittle (Stripped Tote)

@teamergobaby (Ergobaby carrier & doll carrier) 

2) comment here or on my giveaway insta post which prize you want and why 

Next Monday, I’ll announce a winner for each of the prizes so that’s a total of 5 winners 🙂 so thank you for reading along the past year and may the odds be ever in your favor! xo

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Blog! 

  1. First choice is the stripped tote bc it’s so perfect for SD wearing, but second choice would be the carriers so that chloe and i can be twinsies:)


  2. So, the Silver Loft credit would make me CRY!! Happy tears, of course. Love everything I see on my instafeed from them!

    Happy bl-irthday!


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