Greece: Mykonos

I will forever remember Mykonos for its white walls, blue doors…and crazy strong winds 😛 When we arrived in Mykonos, I was just excited to get off the ferry (it was roughly a 5.5 hour ride from Athens & apparently I now get seasick -_-) and on solid ground! We got to our hotel, the Adonis, which was in the center of town and so cute. It felt like we were at someone’s home and to be honest, after the smaller accommodations in Athens, I was grateful for just a little more room in general. 

After we unpacked we decided to wander. It really is a maze of white buildings and to be honest they all start to look the same. But I didn’t mind getting lost because Mykonos feels safe and I was excited to see what would show up around the corner. There are a lot of seafood restaurants and shops selling jewelry and leather sandals. Also the island isn’t huge so we made it from one end to the other in about 20 minutes. 

The second day, I made my travel buddy get up before the sun (not too hard considering our jet lag!) so we could try and catch the sunrise. Well we were actually on the wrong side of the island for a good view, but I still love the stillness of the morning. Sunrise is my favorite time of day because it just breathes hope of a new day and I’m all about that 🙂 I think the view was worth it especially when we hiked to the windmills, but my body took a beating because it was crazyyyy windy. Now I’m not a small person so usually I can hold my stance, but this wind was knocking me around like a rag doll so after getting all the pictures (got to do it for Instagram!) we quickly retreated to shelter. 

The rest of the day was spent getting lost in the maze again and eating seafood! 

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