Soul Cycle Instructors

Hello out there! Long time no write…I actually took this past holiday to shut off from the world for a bit and I have to say it was one of the most relaxing weekends I’ve had in a long time! One major snippet to this great weekend was of course Soul Cycle! Yes, I know, I already wrote a post about my love/obsession with Soul Cycle…but this one is a little different I promise 🙂

I was on the beach yesterday and was contemplating life since that’s my favorite topic of late (or one of the most stressful topics haha) and was thinking about my move to LA and the people I’ve met. Now, if you follow me on snapchat (@misspcilla) or Instagram (@love.lilla) you’ll definitely see me making my way to different Soul Cycle classes at least once a week and sometimes even more depending on stress levels. Sadly, you don’t see part of the reason I go every week. It’s the instructors! Honestly, Soul Cycle is just a stationary bike in a dark room and what makes a class is the person who leads it and the community around it. So this post is a quick blurb on my favorite LA Soul Cycle instructors:

Christopher C.: HE IS MY FAVORITE! the background is I was patiently waiting for an 8:30am class roughly a year ago when the class beforehand came out smiling and sweating! That’s a normal occurrence, but the energy level was unbelievable. I kept hearing from the students and the front desk that the reason was Chris and I knew I had to take his class to see this magic happening. I was on a bike and in his class the following week and man, I have to admit he brought me to tears…in a good way! Chris is one of the most uplifting and positive people I have ever met 🙂 He shared that his father had passed away a year ago from cancer (hence the tears) but he chose to tell his story about how this has given him strength instead of letting life just knock him down. In every class he starts in the saddle so we can set our intentions and he always says to choose why you’re in this class and what/who you’re riding for. These words I’ve taken into life and for that I am a fan of his for life! Also he’s really good at getting to know his students and he’ll say hello and remind you that “you’re amazing” 🙂

Ross: I’ve taken his class at a few locations now and I admit when we first went, it was because he was on the Housewives of Beverley Hills show 🙂 he has some of the best playlists sets and I know it’s going to be a lot of pushups (hello baby biceps!) and as a proud shopaholic, he seriously has some of the best workout outfits! Also he used to coach swimmers and you can tell he’s a natural teacher as he literally coaches us through each pushup and tap back.

David: He is a rockstar! I don’t know what else to say about him other than I love riding along with him because I feel cooler just being in his presence haha I’ve only been to his class twice, but it’s always a exciting to get my groove on.

Roarke: I have brought a few of my friends to his classes because he is so soulful. I feel this inner peace when I ride with Roarke and he’s great about talking through the movements so it’s not just about the workout, but about getting to a happy soul 🙂

I just noticed that all my favorite instructors are guys haha this means I need to check out some of the female teachers! If you have favorites, please let me know!

Also my company Ergobaby is hosting a free ride at the DTLA studio on July 20th! If you would like to come and ride with me, please sign up here as spots are limited. Hopefully one of the guys above will be instructing the class so you can see them in action too 🙂 Can’t wait to ride with you! and PS I heard we’ll have some goodies/surprises during the ride too! xo


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