Bridal Shower – Carol

Along with being the #babyguru, I’ve been known to be the #weddingguru too. Not because I’ve been married, but because I go to a LOT of weddings…like 8 a year is average for me 0_0 and not only do I attend weddings, I’ve been in a few bridal parties as well so planning a bridal shower and bachelorette party aren’t completely foreign to me haha

Funny enough, I’m heading to San Diego right now to attend a bridal shower and last weekend I was in San Diego hosting one. So here is a quick write up on how last weekend went if y’all were wondering or need tips on bridal shower planning 🙂 Some background on the bride, Carol, was my college apartmentmate and fellow art major, so I know Carol pretty well at this point in life 🙂

here’s Carol!

We rented out the clubhouse of her apartment complex (a closer venue means easier to move gifts afterwards haha) and went for a “coffee shop” theme. What does this mean you ask? Really we made up the theme haha but just made sure the vibe of a “hipster” coffee shop was around. For example, we had affragato there! (Noted do not buy two TUBs of ice cream because unless 50 people are coming, it will melt faster than people can eat haha). We also had the most adorable coffee “to go” as the favors.

And since I did art with Carol, I know how much photography means to her so we printed out photos of her and her fiancé to hang on a corkboard. We also got Polaroid cards for people to write well wishes in that we could also hang on the corkboard (keeping it all in one place made it easier to move back to Carol’s for display!).

Also I don’t know about you, but my favorite part of events lately has been the photobooth! Now photobooths can be expensive to rent out so we made our own! Pinterest is a wonderful resource guys 🙂 my college roommate, Stephanie, made the amazing photobooth backdrop by twisting streamers and layering them. Please note, this is a lot harder than it looks especially since streamers don’t always want to twist in ways we would like for them to twist haha also the banner of the bride and groom’s name was hand cut out. Again, I give major props to Steff for doing this! AND I seriously cannot blow up or tie balloons so that whole balloon banner is amazing to me…and hides the tape for the streamers really well 🙂

We also had a few games (that’s what I was in charge of!). One was “who knows Carol best” and it was fun to see what all the people in her life know about her! Also I recommend keeping an excel sheet or google doc with all the cost for the shower. This will help you guys evenly pay for things since trust me, I know it ain’t fun fussing over the bill. Also I recommend delegating a task for every bridesmaid to do. This way everyone has a purpose and there aren’t too many cooks in the kitchen. At the end of the day, have fun with it! The bridal party is suppose to be the dream team and the goal is to make sure the bride is happy and feels loved.

praying for Carol
the roommates

Have a great weekend y’all! I’ll have more bridal shower stories next time xo

Ps I’ve been told I should do dedicated posts on “how to be a kickass bridesmaid”…I’m working on it after I finish the next three weddings I’m in 😛

One thought on “Bridal Shower – Carol

  1. You girls totally killed it. It was a bomb shower and I loved every part of it!! 😊❤️ Thank youuuu!!!! And yes you should totally do more posts on more bridal shower/wedding stories! 👍👍


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