my “celeb life”

So 9 times out of 10, people ask me about the celeb factor of my job once they hear what I do. Now to be honest, celebs are about 1/5 of my job, but I fully admit it is MY FAVORITE PART! Also it’s pretty much the only part of my job that I post on social because let’s be real, no one wants to see me packing boxes for events or going through the various TSA lines at airports.

Let me backtrack some for those of you that have no idea what I do. I am the Community Events Associate Manager for the baby product company, Ergobaby and Orbit Baby. What does that mean you ask? Basically I handle contracts, logistics and negotiations for all the baby product events (58 this year!) our company participates in or sponsors. This is why a lot of my snapchats or Instagram posts are at airports. I’ll write a separate post about what a baby show is…and for those of you wondering, no, it isn’t a show where we sell babies 😛

So along with the many events we do, a small part of my job is Public Relations since I’m the official Orbit Baby Certified Passenger Safety Technician aka the Car Seat Tech. I know it sounds like a made up title and quite nerdy, but it’s real I assure you! Basically I educate folks on how to install their car seat properly. I have a tech number and everything 🙂 anyways since Orbit Baby is a car seat brand and honestly, most first time parents have no idea what to do with their car seat, I swoop in to help 🙂 and lucky for me, most of my swooping is for celebs because HELLO celebs are normal folks just like us and they want to make sure their baby is in safe and sound 🙂

This has led to me being very blessed to have met quite a few celebs (mostly 90s/early 2000s TV stars) which I’m happy to talk about in detail in person, but for the blogger world, I figure it would be fun to share some highlights every now and then 🙂

Jessica Alba: she was my first celeb encounter! We were at the same baby shower event (Honest Company hosted and Orbit was a sponsor) and she is GORGEOUS! She was shyer than I expected but really kind. I even had the courage to ask her to sign my Honey dvd (yes, I do own that dvd LOL). She was very sweet with everyone in attendance and seriously is #bodygoals. This sounds weird but since I sat across from her at the baby shower, I kept getting a view of her backside because she kept standing up and turning around to take pics with people and I’ve never understood the whole obsession with doing squats to lift the booty but now I def do my squats because I want to lift my booty like Jessica’s 😛 

Beverley Mitchell: my first surprise celeb encounter meaning I didn’t expect any celebs to come to a normal consumer event but lo and behold she came to our table and I could not stop giggling teeheehee I grew up watching 7th Heaven so to be talking to “Lucy” was amazing! She is the sweetest and I have had the pleasure of seeing her at least once a year since. She always makes the effort to stop by and say hello and chat like we’re friends…I’m just going to say we’re friends. I hope she’s okay with that 😛 ps her kids are the cutest! A bonus to my job is seeing the kids grow up from the womb to talking and walking!

Amanda Righetti: I’ve been a fan of this girl since the quickly cancelled show Reunion (I still want to know the end!!)…and loved her again on The Mentalist. I remembered when she walked to our table, I had a moment of “omgosh I hope she’ll take a picture with me!” (some background – my dad and I used to watch The Mentalist together so I really wanted to text him the photo since he would actually know this celeb haha) Amanda did end up taking a picture with me and she is so sweet! She has the personality that makes you feel like you’ve been friends for forever 🙂

Ian Ziering: hello Steve Sanders! 😛 I actually wasn’t allowed to watch Beverly Hills, 90210 because my parents said the content was “too adult” for me…but I snuck a few episodes when my older cousins would be watching (this means I would hide behind the couch and look over the top…yes, I was a rebel child :P) so I “knew” who he was. I have had the pleasure of meeting Ian at a few events now and every time I’m amazed at how normal and REAL he is. The first time we met he told me “I’m like everyone else where I put on my pants one leg at a time, but I’m blessed to be paid for what I love to do…so let’s take a selfie” 🙂 Okay so that was a paraphrase of what he said, but I appreciate how humble he is and he’s quite charming and funny! It’s also really nice to see how he and his wife, Erin, work together in a true partnership. I’ve also had the pleasure of seeing her a few times at events too. You should check out their blog, At Home with the Zierings, to hear about their day to day.

Chad Michael Murray: OMG…this is the only time I have ever been actually starstruck to the point of speechlessness. Now before you judge me saying “really the random blonde guy on that CW show?” let me give you some background. One Tree Hill was MY show…it started when I started freshmen year of high school and I watched EVERY EPISODE LIVE (this is before DVRs guys) till it ended in 2012, a year after I finished college. I fully admit I planned my college class schedule and bible study schedule around this show hehe So anyways CMM (let’s use his nickname) was my first TV crush and I’m such a fan, I even went to the first One Tree Hill convention in Wilmington, North Carolina. Yes, that’s a real thing and yes, it’s kind of crazy I agree. But I’ll have to write a separate blog about the convention because it’s definitely worthy of a full blog 🙂 Anyways back to my CMM meeting. First CMM called me about Orbit and when it hit me who I was talking to, I literally went speechless. If you’ve ever met me in person you’ll understand that this is not normal since I always have something to say 😛 I finally found my words and scheduled a time for the install. When I went over for the install and he opened the door I COULDN’T CONTROL MY LIMBS 0_0 This is a super weird reaction I’m aware, but my arms went to jello literally…but if you told 16 year old Priscilla she would meet CMM in person, she would have dropped to the floor so I guess jello arms is a better reaction 😛 Once I regained arm control, I ended up having great conversation with CMM and his wife and they were the nicest people ever! They are so humble and SO NORMAL. They offered restaurant advice (I had just recently moved to LA) and we talked about their dogs and hiking. This day was literally a dream come true and will always be one of the highlights of my life…not to be dramatic or anything 🙂

So that’s it! Just a few highlights of memorable celeb meetings I’ve had thus far, but there are plenty more. Perhaps I’ll write them in another post since this is getting a little long. All I can say is I truly feel like God blessed me with this job because this job is sooooo random yet quite perfect for me and my little fangirl xo

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    1. Haha I swear I told you about this. Yes I was at his house. Usually I go to the celeb’s homes for their installs and I’m not sworn to secrecy…I just figure it’s human decency to keep their lives private haha


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