my random plane thoughts…

So…I’m currently on a plane…and I have all these random thoughts every time I fly  but I usually don’t have Wifi so I have no one to tell these amazing thoughts to 😛 however, since this is an almost 6 hour flight I went for the $8 wifi (I know I’m a ballaaaa!) so now ya’ll can hear all my “important flight ramblings” 🙂

Southwest “free for all seats”: in theory this is a good idea because it’s first come, first serve for folks to choose their seats when they get on the plane. I admit that I like it in general since I’m an A list flier (this means I do at least 25 flights a year…and no I’m nowhere close to the companion pass because I need 100+ flights for that and that’s just crazy…) meaning I’m always within the first 60 people on the plane. HOWEVER, since I’m usually an aisle seat-er (I like the freedom to use the bathroom without waking anyone and I feel claustrophobic elsewhere) people do have to pass me to sit in the middle or the window seat. Now this is not a big deal at all except lately people have been CLIMBING OVER ME to get to their seat. UH not okay…I don’t think I move THAT slowly haha but I’m really not sure why folks aren’t giving me the courtesy to get up so they can get to their seat without making this an Olympic activity. Or maybe they feel the pressure to “clear the aisle” as the stewardess says so they are trying to get into their seat in record time? Regardless, readers, if you are sitting with me, please let me get up for you to sit 🙂

airplane bathrooms: man oh man…now I know I’m a relatively tall Asian female (5’7/5’8 is) and not exactly a dainty flower, but I’m by no means HUGE. Yet I feel like a giant in these airplane bathrooms. On my last flight, the person next to me said they felt like they needed to be a spy trying to get over laser beams to try and use the bathroom without touching anything (cuz hello germs! haha) and I completely agree.

overhead compartments: so…I travel about 40-50% of the year and I like to think I’m a pretty good packer by now. In general I only travel with one rolling carry on and a diaper bag (obviously a diaper bag hence all my reviews :P) no matter how long or short the trip is (they vary from 3 days to 2 weeks). Since I hate checking in luggage, I made sure to get the international carry on so it would never be an issue of my suitcase being too large. Well on this recent trip to DC, my carry on fit in wheels first meaning about three carry ons could fit in the overhead compartment. But on my current return flight, my same suitcase DOESN’T fit now…like uhh what? Either my suitcase grew the last three days OR the overhead compartment GOT SMALLER?!?! I’m so boggled 0_0 And before ya’ll ask if my suitcase is larger because I went shopping, the answer is no because I have a hard case suitcase so it doesn’t allow for expansion. I did that on purpose too so my suitcase will never have a reason to be checked in 🙂

Virgin America: any idea why they went with purple interior lights? I mean I love it since purple is my favorite color and it feels a little like I’m at a dance club (which is only fun for flights after noon). but I’ve always wondered, who had the power to decide on the light colors?

armrest territory: as a usual aisle seat dweller, I always wonder, which arm rest does the middle seat person get? Do we take turns with the two inside armrest? Or do they get both since they have the misfortune of sitting between two people? I don’t want to be rude and take up too much space but sometimes I want to rest both my arms too…but perhaps the middle seat-er DOES TOO?! such a conundrum…

okay I just got a warning that my Wifi is spotty…all my gchat convos are now frozen…sorry guys if you were telling me something important…okay I’ll go read a book or something now. hopefully this was at least entertaining for ya’ll! And if you have any of the answers to my random questions, please let me know 🙂 xo


One thought on “my random plane thoughts…


    And also, on other airlines with assigned seats, people who just sit in the seat they want and hope they can talk their way out of their own middle seat. SMH. #NOTOKAY


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