Provo, Utah

I had the pleasure of going to Provo, Utah for an event last weekend. At first I was like “where are we going??” I’m so used to hearing about Utah in the context of the national parks (been to 2, have 3 more to go!) so Provo wasn’t on my radar yet. 

Man oh man, Provo is a quaint city where downtown is only a few blocks east and west but honestly it’s one of the prettiest places I’ve ever seen! If you find your way here, you need to check out these gems:

Unhinged: now I’m a shopper, I fully admit that so on most trips, I try and find a boutique of some sorts to buy a trinket for a memory. So I was looking for a cute shop to stop in and was a little bummed that Provo seemed to have only food places. But tada we found this little store amongst all the eateries. It is part vintage and 100% amazing! They have a lot of items made from recycled pieces (i.e. Dresses made from scarves) which made for an eclectic selection. I was trying to be good to my wallet and only bought a hat and a necklace but if I had more time (and money!) I would have definitely walked out with more 🙂 

Communal: we found this place based of recommendations and this place was perfection! They are all about farm to table and the food is delicious. We did dinner here our first night where the menu is family style. We literally ordered every starter possible and shared two main entrees. The next day we went to lunch there…and the next day we got dinner haha they definitely knew who we were after our third trip there 🙂 FYI they say the bleu cheese is light but I found it to be quite pungent on the fries and burger…however the carbonara is amazing! I highly recommend it!!

cheese platter

Roll It Up: this is an ice cream joint my coworker who grew up in Utah told us to try. It’s a cute idea where you mix your ice cream (kind of like Coldstone’s) and then they flatten the ice cream and then roll it! It looks cool but does seem like a lot of work…maybe this is cooler for first timers but I’ve seen this/had this in Arcadia in LA before so I wasn’t as impressed as my first go around haha the vanilla with strawberry shortcake was delish though! 

Bruges Waffles & Frites: I wanted to try something local and quick for breakfast and found this cute place. Bruges waffles are like normal Belgium waffles except they are glazed with sugar or something like that because they are so sweet. Not that it’s a bad thing, but I definitely don’t recommend putting syrup on top unless you want a straight up sugar high 🙂 

strawberries & cream

Rockwell Ice Cream: we had passed this place everyday since we’ve been here and kept saying we would save it for our last night! We went but made the mistake of going right after dinner (at Communal of course :P) so we were quite full. But there is always room for dessert! So I got the small cup of half mint chip and half cookie dough. I forgot to take a photo but the size small scoop is HUGE! I literally couldn’t make a dent in it. It was fresh and delish but I really wish they had smaller portions available…or I just need to go on an empty stomach 🙂

Before we headed home we made a quick stop at Sundance for brunch so here’s a bonus review:

Foundry Grill: this place is deeeep into the mountains. We got a little confused but we found the resort. It is gorgeous and has the cutest wooden signage. When we got there, we realized it was a brunch buffet. The spread was delish! The highlights for me were the cheese potatoes (they had a better sounding name but I can’t remember hah) and the French toast. They had a full on meat cutting station and dessert table. I nibbled here and there but even I thought it was a tad early for steak…I had some cake though 😛 

even with the signs we got a little lost

After writing this post it seems that I just ate my entire trip haha Provo, it’s been fun and I will definitely be back! 

xo Lilla

PS I also do Nuskin (skincare, vitamins, essential oils etc) and I totally didn’t realize Provo was home base! I was pleasantly surprised to find it a block away from our hotel. PPS if you are curious what Nuskin is, give me a ring xo

just a normal day at the office

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