So if you follow me on Instagram (@love.lilla) you’ll notice that I tag a lot of my photos with #mommyfriends. If you’re wondering what that means and why do I have so many mommy friends here’s why (if you weren’t wondering, too bad I’m telling you :P). 

My role at Ergobaby and Orbit Baby has opened me to a world of mommies and daddies. However my interactions are usually with the mommies because let’s be real, most of the time it’s the women who ask me questions about swaddling their baby, how long does their infant need to be rear facing and of course what diaper bag is chic and useful 😛 Overtime these conversations become more frequent and less about the birthing process and more about the everyday: the struggles and the successes. Basically these women have become my friends 🙂 

I may tag them as my “mommy friends” because that’s how I met them. We met because they are or were becoming moms, but they are definitely more than just moms to me. Honestly a lot of these women are superheroes in my opinion because giving birth ain’t no joke (trust me I know wayyyy too much about labor hah) and being a stay at home mom or trying to be a working mom is crazy hard. I greatly appreciate my own mother a heck of a lot more after hearing from these moms ❤ 

But most of all, I love seeing these women supporting one another on this journey called motherhood through creative adventures like blogging or even just doing play dates to Disneyland. I’m lucky to get a front seat to this community because maybe one day I’ll be a #mommyfriend to someone too…until then I’m grateful to be the #auntiefriend 🙂

Okay my mommy friend love letter is done now 😛 below are some of my beautiful friends xo

Kelly, Ismerai & Elyse
when we met actor Justin Baldoni
Jenn & Renee
just hanging out with the Chipmunks

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