My dream honeymoon was always Santorini! I fell in love with the idea when I read (and then watched) Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants back in middle school (or high school? It’s all a blur!). At the time I was very single and would be so for a while so I ended up taking a girls’ trip to Fira, Santorini in 2016 and it was the best thing ever! Cut to 2017, I meet my now husband and cut to 2022, we’re trying to reschedule and replan our honeymoon since Covid definitely made it hard to travel. So then we ended up back at my dream honeymoon spot, Santorini and man, it was literally a dream come true because this time we stayed in Oia aka the most romantic place in Santorini!

My husband took care of all the planning for our honeymoon since I took care of most of the wedding day stuff. He surprised me with a splurge hotel stay at Maregio Suites. We had a private plunge pool and private deck that looked out to the Thirasia. The room was spacious and huge with a cave like shower. And best of all, we got breakfast served every morning with the breathtaking view. Santorini isn’t huge and is totally walkable (lots of stones and uneven ground so just keep an eye on where you step), but there are some spots that allow for a ride on a mule or a small boat to bring you around. Unfortunately we had a bit of wind so we didn’t opt for those and just walked around.

We did a one day bus tour which was helpful to see the spots at a quicker pace since we were only there for 3 full days. We stopped at the monastery of Mount Profitis Ilias aka the tallest point. We visited the Akrotiri to see the archeology of a whole town that was found “underground” since it was buried from a volcano. We made a delightful stop for some air and free time at black sand beach. There was also a wine tasting which was delish – they serve dry bread in between to help cleanse the palate. And the tour ended with the famous sunset of Oia!

Also for food, we had the best Asian fusion there which was a pleasant surprise! And we couldn’t stop eating gyros and drinking their wine.

Overall Santorini was and is still one of my most favorite places in the world! I can’t wait for the next visit xo

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