My Bachelorette

When Covid closed the world March 2020, it was also the month of my bachelorette so when we postponed, we had no idea when and if we could celebrate together safely. Fast forward to September 2021, we made it happen a week before the wedding and I have my amazing bride tribe to thank for that!

We had the event in a Palm Springs to keep it relatively local since it was days before the wedding. The place was perfect with lots of space and most of all a pool! First night we got goodie bags and played games as we waited for everyone to arrive.

The next day was jam packed! First was brunch at Trio a This spot was great for a group, takes reservations and has a bar all day just in case 😛 Next was an escape room! The owner of the spot, Dominique, had been in contact with my maid of honor since before Covid and also was amazing to offer recommendations for other spots too. The escape room was chaotic since we had 11 in the room, but it was all laughs and of course, we escaped!!

Then we spent a few hours in the pool with flamingo floaties and just soaking in the sun and fun! I highly recommend down time during a bachelorette because it was the best time to actually catch up and for my friends from different walks of life to get to know each other instead of just knowing of each other from my stories.

Lastly was dinner at Eight4Nine where we had a private room which was clutch for pandemic times! I love a good designer brand so it was perfectly picked that our private room was decorated with Louis Vuitton symbols.

All in all, it was a lovely time to be with friends especially after all the postponements. It meant the world to me that we could still celebrate almost 2 years later xo

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