Becoming Mr. and Mrs.

In the spirit of mindful thankfulness, the one thing I’m most thankful for in 2020 is marrying my husband! Now if you’ve been following along on my insta (@love.lilla), you’ll know that Covid definitely skewed our plans a few times now (we’re at postponement round 3 and hopeful for fall 2021 🤞🏻). I’ve definitely cried a many a time, but I truly do believe that love is not cancelled due to circumstance – it just looked a heck of a lot different. I’m thankful for virtual connection like Zoom so our families could join in this special ceremony (some covid bride lingo for you – we had a minimony aka a mini ceremony for us to legally become man and wife, but without the frills of a wedding so I wore a white dress that wasn’t my wedding dress and my husband wore jeans!), I’m thankful for my mother in law having a huge backyard for our minimony, I’m thankful for my sister in law and brother in law for setting up all the things and welcoming me into the family, I’m thankful for our friend, Josh, for taking beautiful pictures for us, I’m thankful for my bridesmaids who showered me with virtual love the night before and I’m thankful for my husband being so patient as we changed plans multiple times (he is the easy going one!).

Our day most certainly didn’t look anything like we planned, but we did it and felt so loved by all! My recommendation for any other covid brides out there is 1) take a deep breath – it’s okay to cry and be worried, but at the end of the day, you want to be married. Having my husband at my side day by day especially in this pandemic has been such a blessing. We can and will have our public celebration later. The wedding rules have gone out the window so let’s do what’s best for us 💜 2) Make plans and backup plans and just hope for the best! We currently still have a lot of deposits out there for our venue and all our vendors and I admit I’m worried if things will turn out in 2021, but I’m giving myself till summer 2021 before I freak out about it. Things are changing daily so I’m trying very hard not to freak out daily for it. Our energy is much better saved! 3) Communicate to your significant other – I’m much more vocal than my husband and I had to remind myself that he is also going through all these rollercoaster emotions even if he doesn’t say it. 4) You’re a bride and it’s still good to celebrate yourself! Retail therapy is my friend and it’s nice to buy a new journal or maybe some earrings 🙂 And I admit I have my needy bride moments and I’m thankful for my bridesmaids and female friends for being there. Also again I’m very vocal so I will occasional text “do you have time? I’m having a mental melt down” and the bride tribe and fellow girlfriend have showed up (virtual of course!). And lastly 5) Love. 2020 definitely has been a perspective shift in so many ways as we cannot control anything so just love hard. Love your spouse hard. Love your family hard. Love your friends hard. And love yourself the most 💜

Bride Tribe

Now back to my minimony, please enjoy some of our photos from our special day – it’s amazing how we’re coming up at 6 months as man and wife (time is flying!!) xoxo

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