Well since travel seems a distant memory and not super plausible right now, I wanted to post of a local trip that I highly recommend as well as one of the best birthdays ever! Ps this is a super latergram 😅 The then boyfriend had asked what I wanted for my big 3-0 birthday and I said I just wanted an airstream in Ojai 🙂 So away we go! Honestly, my favorite trips don’t require a lot of travel time and Ojai is only about 2 hour away. We booked with Outpost which owns 8 airstreams all along the main street of downtown Ojai. We arrived in slightly rainy and windy weather, but it was such a cute and quaint stay. Inside had a shower, bathroom, kitchen, dining area and bed. To be honest, I felt a little tall in there (I’m 5’8) so I recommend being prepared to just sit a lot or crouch some if you’re taller than me. Also the bathroom was like a boat toilet where you had to “flush” with a step pedal and the shower needed a separate heater to be turned on, however, all these “quirks” was honestly everything I wanted. 

We started the trip with winery tours. If you buy a tester flight (4-6 testers of wine), it is $15-25, but with a purchase of a bottle, they will waive the fee. Of course that meant we ended up going home with bottles 🙂 But honestly, the wine was delish! I wish we bought a few more already 😛 We also hit up a honey tester to give me a little break because I’m a lightweight drinker 😛

Then we went to Bart’s Books which is a indoor/outdoor bookstore that relies heavily on the honor system. They have a mix of new and used books. If they are closed, you can pay for the books by throwing coins in the door slot. We had a lot of fun wandering around and picked up a few comics. 

Next we got dolled up for dinner out on the town – Azu! The food was delish – I got the lamb and the then boyfriend got the seafood paella. I opted for no wine at this point because I was feeling it from the wine tours earlier 😛

The next day, we packed up from the airstream and did one last walk through of downtown. I had to take a photo by the store “Priscilla” of course 😛 It was an older ladies’ clothing store so nothing for me 😛

Then the then boyfriend surprised me with one last surprise: horseback riding! We did a two hour horseback riding tour. We had the boyfriend/girlfriend duo of horses: Corona and Pebbles. It was so much fun despite my horse not wanting to go fast 😛 This gave me plenty of time for photos 🙂

This was the perfect trip to close the chapter on my 20’s and start the 30’s. Thank you to the then boyfriend for this amazing trip!

Ps since I wrote this, the boyfriend has become the husband so belated thanks to him for this beautiful gift xo

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