San Luis Obispo

It’s summertime and our planned travels aren’t happening so to not go completely stir crazy, the husband and I decided to go somewhere local to just take a few days off to enjoy summer and best of all, see some of my best friends. So onwards we headed to SLO, a roughly 3 hour drive from our LA base. First off we did a hike at Bishop Peak. It was quite hot, but the fun conversation kept me going (seriously though the humidity was not my friend!). It’s 1.9 miles each way and the view is quite impressive. The best part (for my friends) was the “rock climbing” at the top.

Next we headed to the Farm House for lunch! They had a cute outdoor setup and I was very impressed by their cleaning process and social distancing. Best of all was the amazing food!

They had a live singer too who could sing any song! His Taylor Swift version of “Shake it off” was a must hear! Next we headed to the Avila Barn to see our furry friends (not pictured cuz real talk, I’m not really a fan of animals so I didn’t go close to them haha) and enjoy some seasonal donuts.

Then onwards to the beach to relax and enjoy the sun. To be honest, the beach had a lot of people – probably the most people I’ve seen together since the beginning of lockdown. However, I’m glad everyone innately gave each other space to socially distance.

Lastly, we headed to downtown to walk around and get some dinner. We found some cute areas that definitely transported me with vibes of a Nicholas Spark movie in North Carolina (one of my favorite places!).

And that concludes a week’s worth of stuff that we did in a day! Seriously not even tired from al the things because we felt so joyful being with friends and still being able to explore locally (and with a mask! Mask was only taken off for the quick seconds of taking a photo and while eating). 2020 has been quite trying for everyone, but a small silver lining is the perspective change. I’m finding gratitude in the daily and what I used to call the “small stuff”. So just a written reminder that in this moment as I reflect on this SLO weekend, I’m thankful for my husband, friends, Mother Nature to enjoy and a car with gas.

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