Micro Wedding – A & C

So covid is still here…and life has become an adaption to living with it and that means my sister in laws wedding became a micro wedding. Please note the different covid wedding definitions – In May, I had a minimony aka a ceremony to legally become man and wife. This month, my sister in law had a micro wedding which was a full scale wedding…but on a smaller scale meaning only immediate family as guests and decor and entertainment being from us for us 🙂

My mother in law has a gorgeous front and back yard (I got married in the back yard!) so we lucked out with the make shift venue. My sister in law and fiancé are quite handy and built their own arch for the ceremony and the rest of us pitched in for the rest (hello, I’m also a makeshift florist now!). We had a rehearsal the night prior and got all the things settled. Then the morning came and in a flurry we went doing nails, hair and getting dressed. I wasn’t even the bride and I felt like the day went by so quickly with the groom arriving and them having their adorable first look. Next was a tea ceremony with the elders (my first time being served the tea!). Then it was time for the Facebook live stream and then the vows were said and tada “you may kiss the bride” ☺️

We had a beautiful intimate reception in the backyard with twinkle lights and a personalize beer keg of matcha beer! It was such a beautiful and special day and I’m so glad to have been a part of it 💜 Here’s to forever love no matter what is happening #loveisnotcancelled.


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