Insta Break

SoI took a little break from Instagram the last month or so because I realize it wasn’t bringing me joy and honestly it was creating anxiety for me as I was getting caught up in trying to “catch up” with everyone virtually that I was losing sight of actually doing so with people (and losing hours in a day just scrolling!)…or I was feeling fomo and just general “not joy” because why do I feel the need to see things I’m not part of 🤔 so I decided to just stop it – I hide my app into various folders to make it harder to get into and then I just took it a day at a time (I know I sound like an addict 😬). The first week was hard! I moved my apps around so I wouldn’t be tempted to open Instagram and instead I kept clicking the spot where insta was and as a result opening my google maps 😅 Then after a week or so…it got easier….and I had time to finish a book! Then I found myself not worrying about getting the perfect photo to post or having to post on that day so it would be “instant” 😬 It’s weirdly refreshing to just start eating with people instead of waiting to get the right food shot. But it’s been over a month now and I’m debating going back on or not because I would like to hashtag my wedding things! 👰🏻 and I am missing out on a lot of pop culture 🤣 but I’m happy to say I’ve gotten to a point where I don’t miss insta. I also want to say thanks for my friends for 1) supporting my time off insta but most of all 2) being willing to text me individually or screenshot things for me so I stay in the “know” 😝 

So I think for right now, I’ll be on sporadically (kinda like Snapchat) where I’ll read some DMs (I didn’t realize how many of my friends equate dms to text messages 😬) and post here and there (my mother got worried when I wasn’t posting 😅). But Instagram can no longer be my default while waiting in line or the first thing I do when I wake up. 
Also a friendly reminder that real friendships aren’t just on insta – take 3 minutes of your scrolling time and text your friend or even more novel, just call to say hi. My mantra for 2020 is to be present and that means I need less screen time for myself and my sanity. Find your tribe people and put in the work. Relationships and friendships are much more than just a “like” or comment so here’s to more in person dates and for those long distance friendships, here’s to more phone dates and old school cards and emails 💜💌

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