Torii Gates

The famous orange gates that are synonymous with Japan – there is even an emoji for it! I had to go and see this big part of culture. What I didn’t realize was just how big it was. The torii gates are purchased by people who want to change their luck. So the larger the gate, the larger the donation and in turn the larger the change in luck.

When we arrived, there were a lot of tourists there too so definitely had to time it to get the Instagram photo 😛 It was interesting to see just how many gates there were and we didn’t even make it to the top of the hill so I can only imagine how much people just want to believe in something to turn their luck. In little off shoots were places to buy charms or other luck changing medallions. There were also a few worship spots too. Fun fact: torii gates are all over Japan – they are usually at the entrance or within the Shinto shrine.

The only negative there were the mosquitos were rampant! I was getting eaten while trying to get my insta photos, but worth it? 😛 Overall, if you are in Japan, this is a must see for the insta pics, but most of all for the history behind it all xo

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