Nara Deer Park

My family and I went to Japan this summer and the only request I had was to go to see the deers! I’m all about the Instagram photos and I’ve seen many a photo of people posing with these furry friends which of course I wanted too 🙂

So we took a train from Kyoto to Nara for the day. We met with a student guide, Rihoko, who was the sweetest! I highly recommend getting a student guide to give you a walking tour of Nara because they are so knowledgeable and fun! We had lunch of omnirice (omelet over rice) and got to know each other. It was really nice to get to befriend a local 🙂 Then we headed to Nara Park aka Deer Park.

We entered and we got so excited seeing deer wandering around. There are little kiosk where you can buy crackers for 150 yen to feed the deer. I recommend you plan how to divide the crackers amongst your group (a pack is 10 or so crackers) before buying because my poor dad had the pack in his hand and the deer came at him immediately!

Some of the deer are aggressive! One came at my dad with his antlers so my dad just threw the crackers at him. Another deer nib my bum coming for a cracker. Note: show your empty hands to the deer and they will leave you alone. I ended up sticking the crackers in my armpit and tricking them deer into leaving me alone haha my brother got a polite deer who would bow to him for a cracker.

Also it was raining when we were there and the deer all eat a lot because there are lots of tourists who want to feed them which means they poop a lot. So please imagine the rain and the poop…it wasn’t the most pleasant 😬

Overall I’m glad we got some fun photos and it was very cool seeing the deer up close, but I think if the deer park wasn’t part of the walking tour, I would have skipped it. So I recommend for Instagram, go for it, but if you think you’ll have a Snow White moment with the animals gentle fawning towards you, think again 😝 more on Japan in the upcoming post xo

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