Bridal Shower

It’s wedding season again and that means, it’s bridesmaid season for me again 😛 if you’ve been following my Instagram (@love.lilla) or here on my blog, you’ll know I’ve been in quite a few weddings! This will be my NINTH time walking down the aisle as a bridesmaid so I joke that I’m the queen of the bridesmaids…like seriously – I’ve done it all…well almost – next year is my bride time 😛 but this post is about a bridal shower myself and my fellow bridesmaids hosted for our lovely friend Nicole 🙂

We all resided at Nicole’s childhood home and her parents were rockstars for handling the food. We split the rest of the duties amongst the bridesmaids (I always recommended splitting roles so everyone has a focus!):

– food

– invites and rsvps

– gift

– games

– decor

The maid of honor was decor queen and spent the day prior decorating the whole place up – it literally felt like being on a Pinterest board! The ladies on food did an amazing job of making lot of variety of salads and other goodies. I am not domestic in the kitchen so I bow down to anyone who can cook 🙂

And I was the game master 🙂 I recommend playing the “who knows the bride best” game because it’s fun to see people from all parts of the bride’s life chining in with cute stories. I also had help from the other bridesmaids of course, but I really was more of a time checker because I love my schedules haha this way we could keep the shower going at a good pace of mingling, food and general merriment.

Lastly I do recommend always having someone on deck to keep track of gift opening. I used to do it old school with writing it down, but this time we did it digitally by typing it all out! So much quicker 🙂

Can’t wait to walk down the aisle with you Nicole! One month and counting xo

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