Palace of Versailles

Last time I came here it was raining so I was excited to see the palace in all its glory with the sun! We arrived and it’s 17€ for entry cost. We wandered the wings of the palace and it was nice…but honestly after the first few rooms, they all started to look alike 😅 guess I’m not great with history haha

The Hall of Mirrors is the most famous “room” in the palace and it seemed a little overhyped for me. But that didn’t stop me from taking photos with the boyfriend 🙂

My favorite/most impressed by part of Palace of Versailles was the garden or the jardin! It is amazing how they managed to make such a large, expansive and symmetrical garden without all the equipment of nowadays. It would have been so much easier with a drone 😛 anyways we wandered the garden for a while and barely made a dent in it! You could literally spend days in the gardens!

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