Roaming Rome

After college, my parents celebrated my graduation with a tour of Europe. It was 6 places in a 2 week span which meant we got to see all the highlights, but we didn’t get much time to wander or explore. I remember the tour guide saying this was an appetizer of Europe and I could come back to the places I would want to have a “main dish” at. So Rome was always top of the list for me to be my “main dish” 🙂

Spanish Steps: it is so easy to get here via metro or bus. The Spanish Steps is pretty packed with people enjoying their break or siesta. Surrounding the steps are high end shopping stores like Prada, Cartier and Longchamp. PS I recommend you make your Longchamp purchases in Europe because it’s a good $30-50 savings depending on which bag you buy….I got 3 🙂

Pantheon: the boyfriend and I grabbed a drink at a cafe across the way so we could just enjoy the moment…and it’s freakin hot so it’s nice to have a moment to just sit. He got a liter of beer and I got apple juice 🙂

Trevi Fountain: when I was in Rome before, I made sure to toss a coin in the Trevi Fountain because the myth is if you toss a coin in, you’ll return to Rome…and find love 😛 and Lizzie McGuire did it so of course, I had to do the same! Fast forward 7 years later and I’M BACK…and with the boyfriend 😘 so this time I made sure the boyfriend and I both tossed a coin in…so guess I’ll see you again later Rome 🙂

Three of these places are easily walkable from one another with plenty of cafes to eat at in between. I recommend spending a day in this area to really soak it in if you can to fully enjoy this “main dish!” ciao bella xo

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