The Colosseum

When I travel, I’m usually more interested in where I can shop than I am in the history of buildings or what food to eat. However in Rome, I am always amazed by the Colosseum with its deep history in the intricate maze of walls and how they would change them depending on the battle at hand is so crazy! Also being an avid movie watcher means I love the Colosseum since the movie Jumper had quite a few scenes there!


  • buy your ticket online to save yourself the long line outside
  • get a audio guide – I had one when I came here before and it wasn’t the most exciting, but it helps to have a reference on why things were built the way they were. We didn’t get one this time and the boyfriend regretted that so next trip for sure!
  • be prepared to climb steps! There are a lot of them and the steps are not even so be careful. But upside is your booty will get a workout 🙂

Also right across the street from the Colosseum is a beautiful ruins. It now looks like an expansive garden, but what’s amazing is being able to walk through and see the building remains. It’s beautiful and so calm there since there seems to be less tourist there. Also it’s part entry is part of the Colosseum ticket entry fee. So definitely have to go to make your moneys worth xo

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