The Happy Place

The end of last year I was in a little bit of a funk. I had made some big changes and it wasn’t working out like I had planned. I credit the boyfriend for being an anchor of support as I flailed around trying to figure it out. During this time, the boyfriend got us tickets to The Happy Museum to try and help me out of the bad funk. He knows how much I love anything insta worthy and got us in before the museum officially opened 🙂 #browniepoints

When we got there, we were greeted by friendly HAPPY people who told us to please go forwards only in the museum, but we could take as long as we wanted in each room.

We were wandering and found it best to try and be the end of the group since we had more space for photos. Each room was so different from the next. They were all brightly colored and so random. My favorite was the “XO” room and the balloons. The best touch was each room had an “assigned photographer” or an employee who was there to take all the photos you wanted. I definitely took advantage of this 🙂

The only bummer was the food truck with the famous rainbow grilled cheese wasn’t there yet so I missed out on that gram-able moment 😛

So if you’re in LA, I highly recommend making a stop at the happy place xo

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