Rome Eats

I grew up with a big asian American family. This means we always planned our lives around our meals. For example, I have plans to visit my family on the east coast in 3 months. First thing my aunt says when I tell her I got my flight booked is “well what food do you want to eat? We’ll make reservations”…so like I said, I grew up knowing meals are very important 😛

So of course when I travel, I’m always ready to eat. Now I wouldn’t call myself a foodie (I really could eat Chipotle everyday!), but I like food. And I especially love Italian food! Here I come land of pasta, pizza and all things carb!

Our first night in Rome, we wandered the streets by our Airbnb. We stumbled upon this cute restaurant/bar called Officine San Giovanni. We got their pasta specials for the day which was salmon for me and tomatoes for him. Both were smaller portions than we expected (hello American portions 😅), but were delicious! What was the best was the Oreo cheesecake! Even the boyfriend who doesn’t really care for dessert was a fan!

Next day was wandering the sights like the Trevi Fountain and the Pantheon. By the way, both were walkable from one another and along the way was Ginger, a cute little sit down on the side street. Rome has the best cheese and meat boards so I strongly recommend ordering that to share! We also got a tartar and carbonara which was delish 🙂 sidenote: this place is known for their smoothies which was very good! But I do wish there was ice or something. I like my drinks very chilled which is not a thing in Europe haha Of course in Rome, we had to get pizza because in Italy how could we not! Fun fact: many of the pizza joints just have pizzas ready to grab and go and usually it’s not warmed up. So be prepared for cold pizza! You can also order hot pizza but usually it’s made to order. Our last night in Rome, we checked out Trastevere, Rome’s nightlife. It’s amazing how the town is already quite alive and exciting to begin with and gets even more active after 10pm. There are restaurants and bars lined up and down the street with beautiful lights and lovely. We sat down at one with purple umbrellas and fairy lights (I’m a sucker for fairy lights!). Again I ordered the cheese board, but with fruits which was an interesting party in my mouth. So many flavors! This must be what foodies always rave about 😛 Please note: soda and beer was the same price if not cheaper than water. Also water isn’t free usually…so might as well go for the wine or beer? 😛

till the next meal xo

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