Coachella 2018

It’s my favorite time of the year, Coachella 🙂 I love the outfits, I love finding new artists, I love just being with people.

Honestly this year was great overall…but there were a few snafus. The place I was staying at had no hot water or working stove so my inner Girl Scout came out and I made breakfast with just a microwave…oh and I microwaved water to shower with…noted it’s not efficient so basically I was a giant dust ball 😛

Highlights of chella were the lobster Mac & cheese. Only negative was the steep price tag and the ridiculous lack of lines (it was basically a slow moving mosh pit) but when we got it, we ate it immediately so no photo 😦 also we got McConnell vanilla grapefruit ice cream. Again I ate it too fast so no photo. Basically I failed as a wannabe food blogger. Next time!

Music acts: Beyoncé is queen as expected! I was satisfied with the Destiny Child’s reunion 🙂 the act that surprised me the most was Eminem. He’s not my usually type of music, but the boyfriend is a fan so I stuck around and I was blown away. HE’S AMAZING!!! Also other favorite acts were Kygo, Chromeo and Louis the Child. Like seriously they were amazing!

So what did I learn from Coachella this time around? 1) service will always be horrible there so either invest in walkie rallies or make plans prior to arriving 2) be spontaneous! This is freakin hard for a type A personality like me, but it’s possible 3) invest in wearable LED or glow stick apparel. This year I had a flower crown that lit up and it made it so much easier for my friends to find me once the sun went down…of course I couldn’t find them since I’m the only one with lights, but they could see me! 🙂 Lastly, Coachella will always be about the people so remember that when plans go awry. I love seeing folks I met last Coachella again and just catching up and enjoying music together. That will always be my most favorite thing. Till next year xo

One thought on “Coachella 2018

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