Eiffel Tower

So when people think of Paris, they usually think of the iconic Eiffel Tower!
Since this was my cousin’s first visit to Paris, I knew our first stop had to be the Eiffel Tower. We actually ended up going 3 times in a 24 hour period 🙂

My cousin and I discussed what iconic piece would people “have to see” if they visited the states and we couldn’t come up with anything that matched the Eiffel Tower. Now don’t get me wrong, America has some cool things and the Eiffel Tower is technically just a tower made out of metal… but this Tower represents so much. It signifies the city of lights, the city of romance movies and grand gestures, it’s a place that all wanderlust leads. To me, the Eiffel Tower means seeing the world from a different perspective and reading another chapter of life xo

Now for our little photoshoot 😛 shoutout to the cousin for being so patient as I drew and for taking photos of me cuz duh, have to do it for Insta 🙂

cousin & I




pastries at the Eiffel Tower are ALWAYS a good idea!
night photoshoot
thank you cousin for all my future facebook profile pictures xo

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