Utah: hikes & HSM

Oh Salt Lake City, Utah! The home of 5 major national parks and the most gorgeous hikes! I had the excuse to visit when my friend, Allyson, was put there for rotations (she’s gonna be a doctor!!). I went for a weekend and as soon as I got picked up from the airport, we headed to our first hike. Donut Falls was the first stop  and is a relatively easy hike…but you need water shoes or hiking sandals (that’s what I used!) to navigate through the waters. Honestly the hardest part was how cold the water was because after hiking through it a bit, my toes would go numb…but it is so worth it! We lucked out because the water wasn’t too high so we could trek through it. It was like finding a hidden treasure 🙂

The next day, we had a late start (I recommend starting hikes at 7 or 8am…or 4am if you want to catch the sunrise!), but still decided to try the Living Room hike. Sadly, our hike didn’t go as planned and the high altitude, strong sun and heat resulted in us not finishing. The view was impressive, but I definitely need a redo because I want to get to the tippity top!

not the tippity top, but close ish 😛
Lastly, the highlight of my trip was visiting the school that High School Musical was filmed at! Yes, I’m in my late 20s and fully admit, I LOVEEEEE High School Musical 🙂 I’m happy to report, I was not the only fan because when we stopped by, there were 3 other groups of girls (they looked like they were in middle school though…) who were also taking pictures. But I have no shame in my game and I went for that jump 🙂

Anyways, I’ll be back Salt Lake because I still have so many more hikes to see/do! Till next time xo

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