OC Fair

Growing up, I was never a fair/amusement park person. It’s not that I’ve never wanted to go, but moreso, my family and friends were never really into it, so collectively we never went…except for Great America. We always went to Great America 😛

Anyways, this year is my first real summer in LA so the fair was on my bucket list. I was told the OC fair was where the party was at so to the OC fair I went.

First stop was the food booths! All I heard about were of the amazing and somewhat ridiculous fair foods (seriously who eats fried butter??). I am always down for curly fries so got this monstrosity (there was only one portion size!) and it was AMAHHHHHH-ZINGGG 🙂 Next up was the fried stand along with shakes and beers! After all that, we hit up the game area and the boyfriend did real good and won me a toy! Yes, I’m aware of the cliche, but I like this cliche haha And hey, I played the game too and tried to win…I just suck at fair games 😛 Then last stop was this insanity ride where you go upside down and all over (it’s the best if you like heights, but don’t have things in your pockets…and no flip flops LOL) and then my favorite, the ferris wheel!

I’m happy to report, my “fair dreams” all came true with winning a stuffed animal (and on the first try so good job boyfriend), ate fried snickers and cheesecake (cheesecake was the fav!), rode the Ferris wheel (felt like Coachella) and took photobooth pics (I’m a sucker with anything related to photos). The OC fair closed last weekend so goodbye for now! I’ll eagerly await summer 2018 xo

thanks boyfriend!
Ferris wheel riding
we ate it allllll!

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