Disneyworld 2017 Half Marathon

In May 2016, my family wanted to do a reunion of sorts so my cousins and I decided to join our aunts in running a race. Two of my aunts were planning to do the Disneyworld Dopey (5k – Thursday, 10k – Friday, half – Saturday, full marathon – Sunday) so we all decided to join part of their race to have a fun family reunion. 

My cousin, Jen, and I decided to challenge ourselves by doing the 10k since I’d only done the 5k before and she’s never ran a race ever. We all logged onto the computer and got ready to sign up…then the 10k sold out…and we freaked and signed up for the half because what else would we do?! (we have a fear of missing out :P)

Then reality set in that we were going to run 13.1 miles in 7 months! Slow and steady we built up our runs…and complained plenty to one another and anyone who would listen 😛 but it’s race weekend and I have to say I’m proud I can do a 5k easily and a 10k is a normal workout now. I was excited to get my first half done after all this time and with my family 🙂 
BUT Mother Nature had other plans…for five hours on race day it was forecasted for rain and lightning so after all the training and money spent…my half marathon was cancelled 😦 and I cried! All this had built up and I felt like it was for nothing. I complained loudly to the family, on social media and to the Run Disney customer service…I admit I lost my temper and wasn’t kind when I spoke. I’ve even worked in customer service so I get that they couldn’t do anything yet I went off on them…

Then my aunt and mom sat us down and said to look at the facts. A few months ago I could barely run a mile and now I can do 3-5 miles easily (well relatively :P). My cousins and I are closer as we texted each other multiple times daily as we trained. And best of all we had this weekend together as a family. 

When they said all this I still pouted and just went to sleep (I know I was being a brat…), but today after pondering it all, I see this with fresh eyes and I get it. They are right. I was wrong…oh so very wrong…I am still bummed I couldn’t finish the race I set out to do, but I have no regrets. I’m thankful for this time because it’s made me proud of my new skill (running outdoors without spraining anything lol #smallgoals) and most of all for more quality time/conversations with my family. Also as of right now, my half marathon registration has been transferred to the full marathon tomorrow so uh let’s see how this goes BUT at least I’m doing it with my family ❤ 

Anyways this blog post is just a reminder to be better than you were yesterday because as the quote above says, imagine in a year what you can accomplish! And most of all, appreciate your loved ones! Life is short friends, so seriously let’s be good to one another! 

PS if any customer service phone reps from Run Disney read this, I’m sorry for being a beezy…I do appreciate what you do! Also I wrote an apology email to the customer service address…hope you see that at least? Sorry again!! xo

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